Bridge is a payment service that helps people interact with blockchain products using their email address and fiat currency.
It integrates with Magic to provide an easy sign-in and wallet management solution, and Stably to provide a stable currency that can be used as a reliable form of payment on the ICON blockchain.
Bridge uses a fee sharing mechanism, so every Bridge wallet can send up to 50 USDS transactions a day without having to pay an ICX transaction fee.
To try Bridge, go to

Supported assets

Bridge works with assets on the ICON Network, but we'll need to add the details for a specific asset before it can be displayed in the wallet. Bridge currently supports:
  • ICON – ICX
  • Staked ICON – sICX
  • Stably USD – USDS
  • Omm Tokens – OMM
  • Balance Tokens – BALN
  • Balanced Dollars – bnUSD

Contact us

If you have any questions or need help getting started with Bridge, contact us through: