Bridge is a payment service that helps people interact with blockchain products using their email address and fiat currency.
It integrates with Magic to provide an easy sign-in and wallet management solution, and Stably to provide a stable currency that can be used as a reliable form of payment on the ICON blockchain.
Bridge uses a fee sharing mechanism, so every Bridge wallet can send up to 50 USDS transactions a day without having to pay an ICX transaction fee.
Bridge is registered under ICX Station, and was created with the help of Block42, iBriz-ICONOsphere, and PARROT9.
To try Bridge, go to

Supported assets

Bridge works with assets on the ICON Network, but we'll need to add the details for a specific asset before it can be displayed in the wallet. Bridge currently supports:
  • ICON – ICX
  • Staked ICON – sICX
  • Stably USD – USDS
  • Omm Tokens – OMM
  • Balance Tokens – BALN
  • Balanced Dollars – bnUSD

Contact us

If you have any questions or need help getting started with Bridge, contact us through:
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